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Certain crossroads in life are enhanced by having someone in your corner compassionately holding space for your healing, growth and change. Setting aside time to reflect on the deeper energies at play can bring rich meaning and insight to times that are challenging.

Abstract Lights

Purposefully choosing to relax the conscious mind allows work with the subconscious mind to happen. Many of the programs that drive behaviors reside in the subconscious mind, often resulting from the various things that have happened in a person’s life. If you want to rewire a bad habit, phobia or pattern to bring fresh change and healing into your life, holistic hypnotherapy is an efficient and effective approach. Some reasons to choose hypnotherapy range from healing old traumas to getting over fear of public speaking to exploring past lives.

Abstract Flame

Through this modality, radical shifts to healing and life are available through the conscious use of breath. It brings profound insight and awareness of what is influencing behaviors, can heal those behaviors and create a new set of healthy beliefs moving forward. A safe container is created so you feel held when traveling to vulnerable spaces. This is powerful work.


Divination is an ancient art. Sometimes there are decisions and stuck places that are assisted by seeking insight and guidance from the universal intelligence. Tarot is a tool rich with symbolism that can bring helpful information to light. It is always helpful to remember that a reading does not set your future in stone, it is a guideline if you stay on your current course - if you change things, outcomes shift. Getting a reading can help gain understanding about what is afoot in your life.


The spaces we occupy take on the energies of events and people over time. If there has been a heavy event or sense of stagnation in a space, an energetic space cleansing can be indicated. This is also a useful tool when moving into a new home, office or business space. Resetting the energy allows you to step into the new with a fresh, lighter sense of calm. I can assist in sending the old on its way and welcoming in a calm and loving energy to the home.


Rites of passage can be made more meaningful when ceremony and ritual accompany them. Also, developing a cadence with rituals that accompany the cycles and seasons of nature is rewarding and connects us more deeply to the Earth. I am available to help you craft a ritual or ceremony you would like to create for a special moment. This can be created from a non-denominational foundation or if you would like to fold in your beliefs, that can be honored. I also lead ceremonies and ritual gatherings from time to time. Check back on my page for updated offerings.