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Honeybee Healing Arts 

Melissa Wolf

I have been on my own personal healing journey for over 20 years while simultaneously studying those methods that have helped me most. My wide array of training allows me to create custom sessions and services to suit each client's needs. I bring a deep, intuitive awareness to my work in guiding people, providing insights and honoring sacred spaces, places and life events. As someone who has experienced childhood trauma first-hand, and has been diligently working to heal, I come from a place of true understanding. have been offering my services for over fifteen years. My process is informed by my trainings, initiations, ceremonial work, motherhood, teaching, healing services, Western herbalism, body and energy work. I come from an upbringing that centered social justice, my work navigates sensitivities to cultural appropriation and is open to people of all colors and orientations.


  • Holistic Hypnotherapy

  • Body Work 

  • Polarity and Shamanic Energy Healing

  • Rebirthing Breath Work

  • Western Herbalism

  • Journey work

  • Priestess Leadership

  • Non-Violent Communication

  • Outdoor Education

  • Ritual and Ceremony

  • Home Birth Doula

  • Tarot

Feel free to ask me any questions!

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